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saltsjöbaden, Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

Christmas table at the Grand Hotel in Saltsjöbaden

Christmas is soon here!

We have decided to improve Melker’s Christmas buffet into Melker’s magical Christmas food in five servings. A Christmas at the table where you sit in peace and quiet at your table, and we take care of the serving. We promise a generous experience for all the senses! In our beautiful dining rooms, you have plenty of space. Maybe this is the new way to serve Christmas dinner, and there is also a bonus for the environment as we minimize food waste. It feels good! A warm welcome to a Christmas to remember!

Katarina Romell and Melker Andersson

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Of course, we follow and adapt to current recommendations!

November 27 - December 21
saltsjöbaden, Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden
Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden
Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

Seating times from

Wednesdays – Fridays: from
Saturdays: from 12.30 & 17.30
Sundays: from 12.30

Of course, we arrange a vegetarian, special diet and adapt for allergies if desired.


Reservation Booking for groups over 10 people contact or call 08-506 170 60
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For individual bookings and parties of up to 10 people, contact the reception: 08-506 170 06 or book here.


Wednesday SEK 595

Thursday SEK 595

Friday lunch SEK 595

Friday evening SEK 795

Saturday SEK 795

Sunday SEK 795

Children 0-4 years free, 4-12 years SEK 325.

Examples of beverage packages

Our little drinks package- SEK 260
Two glasses of beer (alternatively one and a half glasses of wine) with 5 cl of Christmas schnapps

Grands carefully selected
2 Christmas beer / light beer (alt. 2 glasses of wine), 1 snaps of 5 cl and coffee with 1 avec of 4 cl – SEK 425

Grand’s exclusive
A glass of champagne on arrival, two glasses of beer (alternatively one and a half glasses of wine) with 5 cl Christmas schnapps, coffee, and 4 cl digestif / avec to finish

Our drinks package is only a suggestion. Of course, drinks are charged only after access. An alternative is to order one of the packages to everyone, and when you have sat down the table, the service will take care of other wishes such as alcohol free, wine, beer and more.

All prices are incl. VAT