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Grand Spa

At Grand SPA you can relax knowing we will take great care of you. 

Besides our assortment of treatments, we also have a range of other activities suitable for every occasion. You may choose to enjoy our relaxation area, take a swim in the pool, or perhaps go for a refreshing dip in the ocean. We also have a lovely Jacuzzi for your enjoyment, as well as a dry sauna, steam sauna and a beautiful terrace for sunbathing when the weather permits. 

Can we also suggest a wonderful massage?

Our carefully selected treatments can do wonders and give your skin, body and soul new refilled energy and luster. Reward yourself with one of our wide range of treatments for body and soul, and trust that you are always in good hands with our professional therapists who go above and beyond to take care of you in the best possible way. 

Let go of everyday life and treat yourself to a luxury treatment! 

Warm welcome!

Biologique Recherche

Luxurious treatments with Biologique Recherche Result targeted treatments are produced by the people behind the brand Biologique Recherche. Their high quality products and their pure and very powerful content are handled only by our professional and knowledgeable skin therapists with special training and experiences.

Body treatments

Duo treatments

Facial treatments

All of our long facial treatments begin with a skin analysis to determine your needs before we choose appropriate products and treatment techniques tailored for your specific skin type. The treatment deep cleans and gives your skin a new luster while helping the cells regenerate. Includes hand & foot massage.

Foot treatments

Grand spa special menu

These Asian inspired treatments and massage techniques are performed by our specially trained and certified therapists. You can only book with us at spa@grandsaltsjobaden.se or call us on 08-506 170 00.

Hair removal


Nail treatment

Smooth Handbath 25 min

A warm and lovely paraffin bath that saves your brittle cuticles and dry hands and helps if you have any kind of joint pain in your hands. This treatment increases blood circulation and provides moisture and extra nutrition for your hands.

In addition to other nail treatment:

Mon-Thurs 200 SEK, Fri-Sun 250 SEK

MON-THUR 395:-
FRI-SUN 475:-

Stressless 45 min

A medium to firm massage designed to focus on tense muscles in the area of ​​the neck, shoulders, back and head. By softening up tense muscles that are often caused by the modern and stressful everyday life, this treatment increases blood circulation, improves mobility, induces deep relaxation, and can relieve chronic muscle pain and headaches.

MON-THUR 995:-
FRI-SUN 1095:-

Healing Stone Body Massage 90 min

This unique treatment involves placing healing crystals on the seven chakras from the head to the base of the spine. The chakra is the energy center that correlates with glands in the endocrine system. Hot stones are then used in this medium to release stress and toxins with a fixed pressure massage. A relaxing treatment that helps restore body, soul and spirit in a beautiful harmony.

MON-THUR 1595:-
FRI-SUN 1725:-

Signature Massage

An in-depth treatment for your whole body where the therapist gently and firmly presses hands and fingers to treat muscle tension and pain. By using a mixture of the Asian healing massage techniques,  as well as the scent in the massage oil, this treatment gives you a sense of total relaxation and muscle relief. This treatment is especially recommended for active persons and after the exercise of sports activities.

MON-THUR 60 min 1095:-
FRI-SUN 60 min 1225:-
MON-THUR 90 min 1545:-
FRI-SUN 90 min 1695:-

Natural Nail Boost Gel Keratin 30 min

A natural nail enhancement with caring keratin for weak and brittle nails. Your nails will be protected, stabilized and get a good base for a traditional nail polish that lasts much longer with keratin boost underneath. This extremely thin and transparent gel grows out with the nail and the recommendation of refill is after 3-4 weeks.

Supplement: Paraffin treatment 15 min, 195 kr

MON-THUR 599:-
FRI-SUN 699:-

Aromatic Body Scrub 60 min

A cleansing and detoxifying body scrub that promotes blood circulation and removes dead skin cells to give your skin a new glow with a soft and luxuriously supple feel.

MON-THUR 1095:-
FRI-SUN 1225:-

Simple Fresh Gellack 30 min

A gel lacquer that cures in UV light. Perfect for those who want a durable and shiny nail polish.

Your natural nail is filed to the desired length and shape and the cuticles are trimmed. The nails are lacquered with the selected gel paint color (which is a permanent lacquer in gel form with durability of up to 3 – 4 weeks). The treatment ends with nail oil/serum and light hand massage.

Supplement: Removal of gellack or material not made by us, 15 min 200 SEK.

MON-THUR 495:-
FRI-SUN 695:-

Together Massage therapy 120 min

An educational and fun activity for couples or friends, for two people.

The design of this course/treatment is that you will learn massage techniques, step by step and learn how to massage one another like a professional. One lies down and one massages according to the therapist’s instructions. You change places after half time.

MON-THUR 2495:-
FRI-SUN 2795:-

Deep lifting massage for face 45min

En djupgörande ansiktsmassage. En Lyftande massage för ansiktet med djuprengöring.

Också rynkorna masseras, lyfts och masseras ut.

sön-tors 995:- Boka
fre-lör 1175:- Boka

Soin Lissant 60 min

This brightening and firming treatment is performed with a repairing moisture boost with beetroot jelly, hyaluronic acid, silk and natural amino acids. The active ingredients combined with drainage, shaping and pulsating techniques in a unique massage gives your face a natural lift. Your skin gets a brighter color and texture. The cheekbones are defined, the eyes are opened, the lines of dryness are blurred and the skin gets a lustrous glow. This treatment is suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive skin.

1 995:-

Second Peau 60 min

A new anti-aging treatment as an alternative to fillers but without the needle pokes. With a revolutionary electrical technology, electrical power is used to create a fiber patch consisting of 80% hyaluronic acid. These patches are then strategically applied to lines/wrinkles together with a lotion and immediately produce visible results. The treatment also speeds up the skin’s own healing process and achieves fantastic results with repeated treatments.

3 times set 8000:-

Fairy 30 min

An exclusive treatment produced by Biologique Recherche for Grand SPA.

This treatment cleans in depth and replenishes the skin with several layers of moisture. It gives you a smooth and fine skin tone as well as improves skin structure with clean and reduced pores as a result.

An ideal treatment to do before a party, gala or other events on the same day.


Anti-Age Fibertech 30 min

A vitamin boost for your nails containing Vitamin A, hyaluronic acid and collagen. A natural reinforcement with fiberglass particles that prevents brittle nails and creates stability. The beige colored lacquer perfectly covers any discoloration or irregularities.

MON-THUR 599:-
FRI-SUN 699:-

Grand Duo 90 min

A wonderful treatment for two people starting with a relaxing back massage with aromatic oil. Then we wrap your feet in a moisturizing wrap while your face gets a refreshing mini facial and your hands a nourishing wrap and massage. The treatment ends with scalp massages. Includes a glass of sparkling wine each served in the lounge after treatment (non-alcoholic options available).

MON-THUR 3295:-
FRI-SUN 3495:-

Wax On Wax Off 30 min

You select an area. We use a cleansing, moisturizing oil that prevents irritation and in-growing hair.

– Back

– Arms

– Half legs

– Bikini line only

– Face

MON-THUR 595:- Boka
FRI-SUN 695:- Boka

Cleansing Body Scrub 60 min

A cleansing and detoxifying body scrub that promotes blood circulation and removes dead skin cells to give your skin a new glow with a luxuriously soft and supple feel.

MON-THUR 1095:- Boka
FRI-SUN 1225:- Boka

Small and Lovely 25 min

A refreshing treatment for your face with cleansing, exfoliation, mask and a facial massage. 

The treatment ends with nourishing and moisturizing products.

MON-THUR 575:- Boka
FRI-SUN 675:- Boka

Treatment as a duo

If available, we can offer treatments in our nice double room. Works with some selected treatments. Send your inquiry to us. Duo treatments can only be booked via: spa@grandsaltsjobaden.se

Monday-Thursday 1695:-

Friday-Sunday 1825:-

Wax On Wax Off 50 min

You select an area. We use a cleansing, moisturizing oil that prevents irritation and in-growing hair.

– Full leg, including bikini line

– Half legs, including bikini line, armpit

-Two optional areas

– We also take requests for other types of waxing

MON-THUR 995:- Boka
FRI-SUN 1125:- Boka

Sweet Feet Spa 50 min

The spa pedicure starts with a warm foot bath with aromatic salt, followed by a peeling and filing of feet, as well as cutting, shaping nails and cuticles. The treatment ends with a nice foot massage together with a softening foot cream.

Add an extra 15 minutes for painting of nails:

Mon-Thurs 95 sek, Fri-Sun 125 sek

MON-THUR 995:- Boka
FRI-SUN 1095:- Boka

Serenity Massage 50 min

A classic full body massage with aromatherapy for total relaxation. The therapist will focus on your problem areas for a deep and thorough massage.

MON-THUR 995:- Boka
FRI-SUN 1125:- Boka

Grand Classic facial 50 min

We tailor your chosen treatment with a focus on results to treat and improve any skin condition such as sensitivity, dryness, oily or unclean skin, pigmentation and fine lines. The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask, facial massage and finishing products to protect and moisturize your skin to your needs.

MON-THUR 995:- Boka
FRI-SUN 1125:- Boka

Grand Single 90 min

A selfcare moment where your total relaxation is in focus. The treatment starts with a relaxing back massage. It then follows by a refreshing mini facial while your hands and feet receive a soothing and softening wrap. The whole treatment ends with a nice scalp massage. Includes a glass of sparkling wine served in the lounge after treatment (non-alcoholic options available).

MON-THUR 1695:- Boka
FRI-SUN 1825:- Boka

Indian Head Massage 25 min

A comfortable and relaxing massage for neck, shoulders, scalp and décolletage.

Especially good for stiff shoulders, stress and tension headaches.

MON-THUR 575:- Boka
FRI-SUN 675:- Boka

Grand Executive Facial 80 min

This wonderful treatment includes brow picking. 

First, enjoy a warm foot bath to start up the blood circulation. Then, the therapist performs a skin analysis to tailor the rest of your treatment with a focus on results to treat and improve any skin condition such as sensitivity, dryness, oily or unclean skin, pigmentation and fine lines. The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, pore blotting, mask, facial massage and finishing products to nourish, protect and moisturize your skin. This treatments also includes hand and foot massage.


MON-THUR 1095:- Boka
FRI-SUN 1225:- Boka