Conference and Hotel in Stockholm

The Seaside Queen

Studio Grand

We have what you need to stream your next digital meeting or event—created for modern meetings where experience and communication are in focus.

The studio’s flexibility makes it easy to adapt to different needs and wishes, from the small presentation to full-scale streamed events. The environment is homely with a relaxing atmosphere with several different settings and sections that can be used with a dynamic content variation.


Hotel with sea view

Hollywood stars, royals and hundreds of others. Over the years many guests have chosen Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden for a couple of nights of peaceful sleep. Now it´s your turn. You, your partner and your family are worth the very best. Our grand hotel next to Baggensfjärden has rested in its place since 1893 and we tenderly cherish the memory of bygone times, while taking the hotel into a new era. Careful renovation creates a tender mix of the past and present – welcome to experience it.

Everything about the accommodation

Food and drinks

Tasty oysters, a delicious pizza or a three course dinner with beef fillet from Gotland, what do you want? In our restaurants we serve something for everyone. Whether you are a large company or a smaller one, we have something that suits you. Solemn and glamorous in the French Dining Room or modern and casual in the Grand Café. Our chefs always strive for the fine flavors, with well-selected ingredients. All our staff want to give you the best experience. Food is love, don’t forget it.

Menues and reservation

Spa in Saltsjöbaden

You need relaxation, a hideaway, and a few hours of reflection. You need a spa. In our Grand Spa there are soft bathrobes, slippers, towels and products for a beneficial spa ritual. Our therapists give you exactly what you want for both body and soul. Swim in our pool, yoga, run in the woods or hike by the beach. Treat yourself with moment of rest in another reality.

Offers and treatments

Conference including everything

B& Bs can mean bed and breakfast, but here we rather refer to our ability to handle larger conferences in a smooth and elegant way. At the Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden, there are those rare opportunities to handle larger meetings without the participants feeling settled in a congress hall.

Conference facilities
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Wedding at the hotel

Weddings, holidays, premieres… Whatever the reason, the event is lifted by the special aura of the Grand Hotel.

Everything about the great party
A unique environment

The seaside Queen

Maybe there is something in the air out here? Perhaps this peculiar environment from a bygone era, with its queen-like hotel located in a breathtakingly beautiful bay, still provides a healthy perspective on the todays problems. At least it’s tempting to think so. Saltsjöbadsandan – The spirit of Saltsjöbaden, is a unifying expression of the will to respect each other’s values ​​and to release principles in order to meet for the good of everyone. Not a bad idea as a basis for any conference – respect for each other and meet for the good of everyone.

Our History